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We have lots of babies on the way!  Now is an excellent time to get on our waiting list!!



There's lots of exciting news at our rabbitry right now!  It's an excellent time to get on a waiting list for our little ones!  We have several in the nestbox and several more on the way!  Here's what's going on: 


Honeyville Hollands Rabbitry

Follow your baby's progress!

Example of our Hollands that are ready for your home!  6 Weeks Old!


4 Weeks Old!

3 Weeks Old!

Two Weeks Old!


One Week Old!




For the last few years, we have worked to gather our small herd from some of the best breeders in and around Utah!  All of our Hollands are pedigreed and beautiful from some of the best Holland lines.  Our goal is to breed showable, beautiful Hollands in some of the more rare color types.  We have earned several awards on the ARBA shows, and we have grand championed our two main herd bucks!  Several of our does have also received notable awards!  We are also proud to say that our babies are now earning legs at the ARBA shows as well, so we know that our offspring are turning out as nice as our own herd! We are currently working on frosties, Siamese sables, chocolates, lilacs, chestnuts,and sable points from the color standpoint.  If you are looking for straight show Hollands, we also produce incredible torts, blacks, and blues.  However, we are a unique rabbitry because of our size.  We are working more on quality, than on quantity.  Our babies are not just a hobby, they are our passion.  We will never breed more than a few of our does at the same time so we can give all of our attention to the few baby kits that we have.  This makes our babies unique in the fact that they are handled daily and will not only be amazing Hollands, but also terrific pets.  Because we keep our breeding numbers small, I have the time and ability to update our website with pictures and blogging tidbits about each of our bunnies and their personalities. You can pick a baby, reserve it early, and track its progress through the first six to eight weeks of its life.  Your family can get excited to watch your kit grow and change from the first baby stages through the cute and cuddly toddler stages!

* We are official members of The Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, Inc.

* We are also official members of The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)

* We are also an official ARBA sanctioned Rabbitry.


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